I Slept with My Tax Man and Sucked his Cock. Good Returns.

Taxes turned into sex on the beach.

Gram slipped my bikini top off and sucked on my nipples. I felt out of control. My tax attorney then slipped in hand down through my legs and took me to a new more wet level. It was his turn.

I bent down and grabbed his cock with my tongue. I licked it like I was licking an ice cream cone. I sucked on his crown and he moaned. Then I took it down deep and sucked it hard.

Thanks Mr. Tax man for the inspiration. I’m cumming back next year.



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My Persian girlfriend I slept with doing Cocaine.

She bent over with her luscious boobs and ass that is outstanding and has the width a man looks for. She snorted the line of cocaine. I snorted next. My boobs not as big and ass not as large, but hot all the same. Different girls, me a blonde next door, her a Persian goddess.

High, we slipped into bed together. We giggled and talked for a while. She told me stories from Iran, and then her move to Germany. We kissed and played with each other. She had a orgasm out of this world, I never knew.

Then she went down on me. This was glory. I became a wet mess in no time, she licked me clean, all the filth away. We have school in the morning, so we did another line to giggle to and kissed each  other good night. She is a naughty girl. So am I.


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Opening my legs…slowly. Date Rape.

Sitting on the chair, he grabs me. My pants are off and he forces his hand into my vagina, one finger at a time. I’m angry, confused, but I’m wet. It’s like broken glass, but it feels good.

His chiseled face looks down at me and he bites my neck. It hurts. I cry out for help, but no one hears my screams. I want him anyways. I want to fuck him in every way, though he’s hurting me.

He grabs my neck and chokes me. I can’t breathe and feels even better as he penetrates me. His force and lust is powerful. I clench.


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Naked Bipolar Manic Woman in Horny Red Heels.

She was nude as she slipped out of her pool wildly manic, mid day, mid week, and ran her hands down her long brunette hair to expunge excess water. Her body was tanned and her mind began to race at the idea of Sean, her neighbor who just moved in. Her jade eyes dilated, and she laid down on a chair and under the sun slipped her hands below her firm thighs, and she began playing with her sensitive to the slightest touch area of her feminine body. She grabbed her nipples and tightly squeezed them feeling a rush, she moved her breast up higher and to feel the wetness, licked her nipple. She couldn’t handle it any longer, and she clenched the sides of her pool chair, her legs fumbled under the heat and contact.


She walked in through the back sliding door, a widow she was now, she put on her red Christian Dior stiletto’s and still naked walked into the kitchen wear she opened the freezer and slammed some vodka. She needed attention, and she felt her nipples rise in the coolness of the large house she lived alone in. Her psychiatrist stayed over last night, that was nice. The sex was amazing, like nothing she had ever felt before, it was probably the fact she was sleeping with a man who is her professional psychiatric doctor and knows all the things no one should, and that’s bad, your not supposed to sleep with your doctor.

After thinking over last night, she thought about Sean, the neighbor. With no thought she walked back out through her sliding glass door and trough the woods like Eve only she was in red heels and not in Eden, but it was green. She came out the other side of the wooded barrier and perched her leg and heel onto a rock. Through two large oak trees she watched Sean unload grocery’s; she was still dripping wet.

Then she noticed the gardener and his back muscles with his shirt off near the side of the house, and a dilemma had formed.

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The student escort fucks her doctor.

“How do feel about being an escort, Victoria?”


“Doctor Artaya, it pays the bills and my thigh high leather boots. I look French, don’t I?”

“Are you disconnected, would you say you are disconnected in a way from your work?”

“Are you distracted doctor? You said disconnected twice. I can button up my shirt?” I say with dreamy eyes that beg him to come closer, and do what he wants with me, fuck me.

“Victoria, unbutton the shirt more.”

I unbutton my shirt and show off my lacy bra. I pull down my pencil skirt and reveal white thongs that match.

“Let’s cut the bullshit, you keep me off lithium to keep my manic, raging for more sex in inappropriate places, like my dr.’s office. I want your cock, come closer doctor.” I whisper.


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